About Us

In the developing economies of Bangladesh. HRM is engaged in improving performance, in playing the role of strong local partner, in driving industrialization; in creating markets, opportunities and sustainable growth.

Over the years, we have successfully grown our business with the motto of “earning trust with businesses”. HRM international company is one of the highly reputed companies in the country conducting successful business ventures of Power, Medical and health equipment and accessories.

As a dynamic company, we have a strong business relation with manufacturers globally for promoting and procuring their products in the current market.

Our objective is to occupy a strong market value in the business market. We aim to be referred as the most favorable company in the trading market. We aim to use this business as a springboard for future business opportunities and expansion. We plan to build a well-run business with a well-managed and resourced operations. We target to add value to the business through deployment of our diverse management expertise.

To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers.

To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect.

To growth in both business and personal life.

To provide a quality working environment that enhance all employees quality of life.

To offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates.

Why Choose Us

Since our first successful business venture, there has been no turning back so far. We have successfully grown as per our planned business strategies and we hope to grow more beyond limits.

We believe in the motto ‘earn trust with businesses. We not only do business, we also build a bond through our quality work that leaves remarkable footsteps throughout our journey. We believe our business should display utmost integrity in its dealings with the customers.

We, the team members comprising HRM International are a group of hard working, enthusiastic, passionate and committed members who have built this company with our honest quality work. Since hard work always pays, our company promises to provide the best in the growth of our country’s economy in the near future.